Maryland Deathfest: The Movie
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"Maryland Deathfest: The Movie," is the latest release from Handshake Inc., the production company behind "Axis of Eden: The Feature Film," based on album of the same name by Today is the Day, "Disgorge, Mexico the Movie," and the upcoming Jucifer concert-fiction hybrid "The Executioniz Comes Tomorrow: Jucifer live at Call the Office," as well as an untitled Brutal Truth documentary.

"Maryland Deathfest: The Movie," was filmed at Maryland Deathfest 7 (2009) and features over three punishing hours of performances by your favorite grind, death, war, black and straight-up metal.

Starring: Asphyx, Napalm Death, Atheist, Abscess, Immolation, Aura Noir, Brutal Truth, Absu, Hail of Bullets, Sigh, General Surgery, Cephalic Carnage, Venomous Concept, Cattle Decapitation, Birdflesh, Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, Wolves in the Throne Room, Rotten Sound, The Red Chord, Victims, Sayyadina, Trap Them, Phobia, Despise You, Flesh Parade, Catheter, Antigama, Splitter, Crowpath, Krallice, Pigsty, Jig-Ai, Kill the Client, Unearthly Trance, Weekend Nachos, Gnostic, Magrudergrind, Lair of the Minotaur, Pretty Little Flower, Maruta, The Endless Blockade, Yakuza, Triac, Complete Failure, Drugs of Faith, Hero Destroyed.


The film also features interviews with the bands and fans of MDF, conducted by Landmine Marathon's Grace Perry.

Executive Producers Ryan Taylor and Evan Harting present a Handshake Inc. production

Maryland Detahfest: The Movie

Produced by Dave Cardoso, David Hall and Curran Reynolds

Co-Producer Richard "The Grindfather" Johnson

Field Producer: Sally O'Grady

Location Audio: Matt Bittman

Costumes by Nekro

Sound Design and Production by Scott Hull

Photography by Dave Cardoso

Written and Directed by David Hall

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Maryland Deathfest: The Movie

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