Maryland Deathfest: The Movie 2
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The follow-up to "Maryland Deathfest: The Movie"  - "Maryland Deathfest: the Movie II," will be released August 16th via Sony Red and Megafroce Records as a two-disc set.

Bands featured in Maryland Deathfest: The Movie 2 include Pentagram, Total Fucking Destruction, Pestilence, Sulaco, Jucifer, Possessed, Fuck the Facts, Magrudergrind, Repulsion, Birdflesh, Coffins, General Surgery, Sulaco, Deceased, Nirvana 2002, Entombed, Eyehategod, Blood Duster, From Ashes Rise, Rompeprop, Iron Lung, Capatilist Casualities, Portal, Black Breath, Jesus Crost, Nekromantheon, Wolfbrigade, The Chasm, Magrudergrind, Krallice and more!

The movie also features full MDF VIII sets by Sulaco, BIrdflesh, Fuck the Facts and Total Fucking Destruction.

Maryland Deathfest: The Movie 2 is the brainchild of director David Hall and his production company, Handshake Inc. Hall and Handshake Inc. are best known for Axis of Eden: The Movie, a feature film based upon Today Is The Day’s Axis of Eden album, Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie, a feature film based upon Fuck The Facts’ Disgorge, Mexico album, and last year’s Maryland Deathfest: The Movie. Hall and Handshake Inc. have also created music videos for such bands as Jucifer, Sigh, Drugs of Faith, Woods of Ypres and Hail of Bullets.

Audio for Maryland Deathfest: The Movie 2 will be mastered by Scott Hull. Festival promoters Evan Harting and Ryan Taylor are executive producers on the film.


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Maryland Deathfest: The Movie 2

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